EU-Geg­ner John­son

It's not easy to like Eng­land at the mo­ment. One of the re­a­sons is stan­ding in the mar­ket squa­re of Pres­ton, lo­ca­ted on the win­dy wes­tern side of the is­land, with his san­dy hair, wrin­k­led bla­zer and jeans. Un­til re­cent­ly, Bo­ris John­son was ma­yor of Lon­don. But now, mi­cro­pho­ne in hand, he is fight­ing against Eu­ro­pe. Be­hind him is a red-pain­ted cam­pai­gn bus em­bla­zo­ned with the words: »We send the EU £50 mil­li­on a day.« John­son boun­ces on his toes like a bir­th­day boy: a new sur­vey has just come out in­di­ca­ting that the Brex­it camp is in the lead. A per­so­nal suc­cess.

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