SPIEGEL In­ter­view

„Britain is a leading nation“

German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble warns of the dangers of Brexit, talks about the EU's crisis of confidence, and considers the English fear of the penalty kick.

Mi­nis­ter Schäu­b­le: „The wi­th­dra­wal of Bri­tain would be a hea­vy loss for Eu­ro­pe“

SPIEGEL: Mi­nis­ter Schäu­b­le, you are the only top Ger­man po­li­ti­ci­an who has tra­vel­led to Bri­tain to cam­pai­gn for the coun­try to re­main in the EU. Why is ever­yo­ne else hol­ding back? Is Ger­man sup­port not wel­co­me in Bri­tain?

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